Monday, November 8, 2010

"The Other Within" at the National Yiddish Book Center

On Nov 7, 2010, a group of nineteen BU students, faculty, and staff visited the National Yiddish Book Center, located on the campus of Hampshire College in the beautiful region of Western Massachusetts. On the way, David Braun, docent and lecturer in Yiddish language and literature, offered an introduction to Yiddish history and culture. The Center, a unique cultural institution, had one of the busiest days in the year. Members and supporters had been invited to view an impressive array of new curated exhibits, listen to klezmer music, and hear news about the center from its founder and director, Aron Lansky. Our group had a private tour by one of the Center's fellows, Jessica Antoline, who also happens to be a graduate of BU (Class of 2007) where she majored in Religion and Archaeology. Aron Lansky met with the group as well. This was a remarkable opportunity to encounter not only the wealth of the Yiddish tradition but also an inspiring group of people devoted to the preservation of this heritage.

The stacks in the background were part of an exhibit featuring the variety of themes on which Yiddish books were published in the 19th and 20th century. Particular impressive: book design from the 1920s.

Arielle, Daniela from D.F., and Shlom from Paris, students in CASRN339 The Modern Jew, view a list Yiddish terms that have migrated into American parlance.

Ilana likes National Yiddish Book Center.

Jessica Antoline speaking to "The Other Within"

From the current exhibit of Jewish-themed picture books, a story about a pig who wanted to be kosher.